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Celebrating 25+ years of expertise in global trade exports

Situated in Wenling, Taizhou, in close proximity to Ningbo and Shanghai, Wenling Hongli Barber & Beauty Co., Ltd. has been an esteemed exporter of salon apparatus since 1997. We boast a comprehensive collection of products including barber chairs, salon furnishings, supplies for hairdressing and beauty salons, and salon chairs. As your reliable salon furniture provider, our pledge is to deliver exemplary products coupled with unmatched service.

Our expansive 12,000 square meter facility houses over 100 highly skilled professionals, assuring efficient production and stringent quality control.

With a steadfast commitment spanning two decades, our company has garnered a robust reputation, particularly in the U.S. and European markets.

We take pride in achieving the CE certification, underlining our unwavering commitment to meet and exceed international quality benchmarks.

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Reap the rewards of Hongli's comprehensive marketing aid, which includes sales resources, advertising help, and promotional drives, to amplify your product's visibility and increase sales volume.

Customer Service

We pledge to deliver immediate client assistance for any questions or concerns you might have, guaranteeing seamless business operations.

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As a respected distributor, you'll gain priority access to Hongli's fresh product launches, giving you the upper hand in staying competitive and showcasing the newest additions.

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By becoming a Hongli distributor, you gain the privilege of accessing discounted prices, which empowers you to optimize your profit margins.

Personalized Service

Hongli provides customizable products to fulfill your individual requirements, delivering tailored solutions that perfectly align with your distinct needs.

HONGLI products for your choice

As a leading supplier of salon furniture, we offer a wide range of high-quality products designed specifically for salon businesses. Our product line includes barber chairs, shampoo chairs, beauty beds, and other salon furniture items. Our goal is to provide you with stylish and comfortable furniture solutions that create a welcoming and professional atmosphere in your salon.

vintage barber chair

Barber Chair

Hot selling all-purpose black retro hair cutting barber chair for beauty salon

reclining shampoo chair with footrest

Reclining Chair

High quality simple style light green salon furniture hydraulic reclining chair

styling chair for salon

Styling Chair

Fashionable black and white beauty salon hairdressing styling chair height adjustable

shampoo chair for salons

Shampoo Unit

Luxury modern black hair wash washing salon shampoo chair for sale

electric barber chair

Electric Barber Chair

HONGLI newest design black leather electric barber chair full of technology

electric beauty bed

Beauty Bed

Foldable beauty electric bed white synthetic leather massage table facial bed

salon waiting chairs

Waiting Chair

Comfortable barber beauty seat waiting chair salon furniture set for barbershop

antique chinese barber stool


Black backrest universal wheel height adjustable rolling salon stool chair

HONGLI Production Process

  1. Design and Planning: Determine the design requirements and functionalities of the barber chair and create detailed plans and blueprints.
  2. Material Preparation: Gather the required materials such as metal frames, wood, foam padding, leather or fabric upholstery, etc.
  3. Metal Frame Cutting and Assembly: Cut and assemble the metal frame using appropriate tools, following the design specifications to ensure a sturdy structure.
  4. Seat and Back Cushion Fabrication and Installation: Create the seat and back cushions using foam padding and the chosen leather or fabric, adhering to the design requirements. Install them onto the metal frame.
  5. Armrest and Headrest Fabrication and Installation: Craft the armrests and headrest as per the design specifications and install them on the chair to provide additional comfort and support.
  6. Addition of Adjustment Mechanisms: Incorporate adjustment mechanisms such as height adjustment, reclining mechanisms, and swivel chair functionality, depending on the requirements, allowing hairdressers and clients to customize the chair’s position and angle.
  7. Finishing and Decoration: Carry out final finishing touches, ensuring the chair’s appearance and details align with the design requirements, such as painting, decorative patterns, etc.
  8. Quality Inspection and Testing: Conduct comprehensive quality checks and testing on the completed barber chair to ensure stability, durability, and comfort.
  9. Packaging and Transportation: Properly package the barber chair to protect it during transportation, and arrange suitable means of transportation for its delivery.
  10. Installation and User Guide: Provide detailed installation instructions and a user guide to the customer, ensuring proper installation and usage of the barber chair.

HONGLI Custom Service

As a trusted supplier of salon furniture, we provide a wide range of customization options to suit your unique preferences. From choosing the perfect leather color and patterns to customizing chair frames, hydraulic pumps, and even adding your own logo, we ensure that every detail reflects your distinct style and brand identity.

Global Shipping and Support

At HONGLI Barber & Beauty, we go the extra mile to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping experience for our customers worldwide. With our extensive global shipping network, your products will be delivered promptly and securely to your desired destinations, whether you’re located locally or overseas.

In addition to our reliable shipping services, we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support team. They are always ready to assist you with any inquiries, orders, or post-purchase support you may need. Our team is committed to providing personalized and timely assistance, exceeding your expectations at every interaction.

With our focus on seamless global shipping and exceptional customer support, we strive to create a hassle-free experience for our valued customers across the globe. Trust us for your shipping needs and enjoy the convenience and reliability that come with our worldwide reach and dedicated support.

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